The most unusual review of one of my books I’ve ever seen

Lost in Translation:

A remarkable book review of my book, The Godless Delusion: A Catholic Challenge to Modern Atheism (co-authored with Ken Hensley), popped up this morning on my Google Blog Search app.

I think I get the gist of what the reviewer is saying, though I cannot be entirely sure. The review is in English, sort of, though it reads as if it were washed and rinsed through an online translator program. Maybe it was first written in Slovak or Hindi and then translated into Finnish and then translated into English. I can’t tell. But I am pretty sure it’s an all around positive review, for which I am grateful in any language.

The review is of “Delirium Without God,” which I find to be an amusing and entirely apt rendering of what the book’s title, “The Godless Delusion,” connotes.

Among the many unique and remarkable phrases contained in this review, I have learned some new verbs, such as the picturesque “booty up,”  adjectives such as “abaft,” and nouns such as a “blazon of altercation.” I quite like that last one. And there is also this complimentary description of me, which I find interesting:

I acquisition this is one of Patrick Madrid’s abundant assets. He has become one of my admired apologists for the the Catholic faith. He does not appear out all pumped up, attractive for a fight. He starts with simple honest questions and lets logic, understanding, and animal acquaintance backpack the altercation forward. 

I must confess that it honestly has never occurred to me to implement that old art-of-war tactic of engaging in “animal acquaintance” in order to backpack an altercation forward.  I’m all about backpacking altercations forward, of course, but I just don’t think that animal acquaintance should have any role to play in that regard. But then, that’s just me.

My thanks to the reviewer for taking the time to booty up the agitation.



  1. Judy

    He likes, it Patrick! Agree about the, "he review is in English, sort of, though it reads as if it were washed and rinsed through an online translator program. " It think it is "cute". At least they tried

  2. The Crescat

    "He does not appear out all pumped up, attractive for a fight."Thank you for this guideline… all my reviews will be fashioned after this henceforth with blazon altercation.

  3. iamthewalrus

    looks as if he's trying to get a smidge over his head, by stretching to be more articulate than he really is in an unfamiliar language. It's not all that bad though.

  4. Badger Catholic

    HAHAHA! Wow, I should not have read that at work. Now I'm getting funny looks.

  5. kingsalomon

    Hi Patrick,I recognize this as some strange mutation of a book review that I wrote on my blog, I guess someone thought it needed a little editing.BTW, I'm the Vince who used to participate in the older Envoy Encore blog. Somone named Deacon John and I used to engage in pun battles in the comments section of your posts.

    1. Andrea

      Hey they totally stole your review! 😮

  6. Ian

    This site appears to be a hilarious attempt at earning Amazon affiliate money by paying? someone who doesn't really speak English to write "unique content" for better placement on Google. Wow.

  7. JoannaB

    CS Lewis would be proud 🙂

  8. Robert

    I thought of CS Lewis and the banquet scene from "That Hideous Strength".

  9. Anthony S. "Tony" Layne

    Actually, I thought of, and some of the t-shirts and signs found therein. But the idea of "backpacking" an argument "forward" is an amazingly picturesque metaphor.

  10. Patty Bonds

    I'd comment, but I've been laughing so hard I now must run down the hall for a moment ….

  11. originalchristianchurch

    Greetings Patrick Madrid,I came across your blog today and wanted to take the opportunity to compliment your work in apologetics, they have greatly helped me in my own growth in the Catholic faith. I came accross "Pope Fiction" 5 years ago that lead me down a path of learning apologetics and evangelizing others. Currently I am discerning the dioceson priesthood. I am looking forward to reading "Godless Delusion". You are among my favorite apologists. God is using you to reach souls, continue His work.May Jesus and Mary be with you always.

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