Christmas decorations taken too far. Would you be embarrassed if this were your next-door neighbor?

Here are 25 houses I wouldn’t want to live next to. I wouldn’t want them in my neighborhood. I wouldn’t want them in my state. They are kind of funny, but I prefer to enjoy this kind of humor from a distance  — like from over the Internet. 


  1. Mike in CT

    Add to the list of reactions:"Must go hide in room and assume the fetal position while rocking, sucking thumb, and repeating "Can't sleep, clowns will eat me. Can't sleep, clowns will eat me."

  2. Theresa

    Yikes! You need a "Yikes!" or "Whoa!" or "Oh my goodness!" reaction option!

  3. Tim H.

    I think number 16, the one with the crown and the Star of David is pretty cool. -Tim-

  4. Susan L

    Looks like someone dumped a toy box on the house.

  5. Cassie

    There's no rhyme or reason for this. In a word tacky.

  6. jayeverett

    These are simple idols of worship by the secular (minority) world and should be treated as such. If you spend this much effort and money on doing good in the world then we would have no need for false idols. Love thy neighbor is not just a suggestion, it is the key to peace in the world. Fr. John

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