Madrid Family Holiday Traditions

Over the years, we’ve treasured several fun and nostalgic Christmas traditions here at Rancho Madrid. One of my favorites, for example, is the enjoyable holiday game we love to play called “Pin the Cleanup on the Guest.”

Good times.


  1. Jackie

    Oy that's brutal :p

  2. PoorInSpirit

    Thanks for not inviting me to dinner.

  3. Patty Bonds

    I'm going to have nightmares about that.

  4. Mum2eight

    Note to self. Do not accept invitation to Patricks place for Christmas dinner unless you have several days to do dishes after.

  5. scotju

    Thank God you don't own a horse farm! ROTFL!

  6. Susan L

    That looks like purgatory to me. lol

  7. Gregory

    When my wife and I were dating, her large extended Sicilian family apparently had a similar tradition, known as "Pin the clean-up on the boyfriend." That picture could've been taken of me five or six years ago!

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