I loved his music

Gerry Rafferty‘s distinctive voice is well-known to any radio-listening Westerner over the age of 40. With hits like “Stuck in the Middle With You” and the 1978 smash “Baker Street” (what a song), he contributed something important, if minor and intermittent, to the 1970s’ music scene. He died today at just 63. May he rest in peace. May the Lord grant him pardon and peace, and may perpetual light shine upon him.  


  1. Kindred Spirit

    Gerry was a very kind, shy man with a beautiful singing voice who had a very hard life with much suffering. I know because I was the nanny for his daughter Martha (Mattie) during the time that he recorded his famous City to City album with its hit "Baker Street." (I was there at Chipping Norton Studios in England for the recordings.) He tended to be a homebody, though I remember him singing and playing his guitar after dinner, when the other patrons had left, in one of his favorite Glasgow restaurants. He shunned the celebrity life and always seemed happiest with his family. I'm glad that Mattie was with him when he died. May Almighty God have mercy upon his soul, and may Our Lady intercede for him so that he may rest in peace,

  2. EegahInc

    Sad to hear of his passing. Just this past year I've been wearing out a collection of his pre-Steeler Wheels works entitled The Transatlantic Years. Amazing stuff. Rest in peace, Gerry.

  3. Susan L

    Very sad to hear of his passing. I love his music.Thanks for sharing those memories with us, Kindred Spirit.

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