1. Scott

    While some might blame rhetoric, I blame the idiot who did it.

  2. "Cottage By The Sea"

    Funny, but not.

  3. KS in KY

    Just in time to plug National Catholic Schools Week which begins January 30. If your child receives a Catholic education, he will know how to spell the group he wishes to eradicate!

  4. scotju

    The idiot needs tutoring so he call spell what he wants to kill right! LOL!

  5. Benjamin

    I hate the racism portrayed in this picture. Honestly, a brown guy with a hat and a baggy, plaid jacket with baggy black jeans? Are we supposed to believe brown people are the only ones who use spray paint, hate others, and best of all: can't spell. Ridiculous. Graffiti is certainly uncalled for, but obviously the photographer could have waited until the man was out of the frame.

  6. kentuckyliz

    If a nun whapped a ruler on his knuckles in his tender years, he'd know how to spell.

  7. kentuckyliz

    Click the "Listen now" button. Now that's funny!

  8. Patrick Madrid

    Benjamin, don't be absurd. The picture was taken well after the fact that the graffiti was spray painted. Someone happened to be walking by just then. I'm tired of this thin-skinned, quick-to-shout "racism!" nonsense. Please.

  9. Jodell & Marty

    Agreed Patrick! One would think the more obvious offense here is what the graffiti says not the supposed ethnic background of an innocent bystander.

  10. oldladycurlytop

    I think if you could enlarge the picture enough you would find the guy passing by looks like he's thinking, "What's the world coming to?"

  11. Choloforfun

    Benjamin is the only one who saw the picture in that stereotypical manner. If we apply his logic he is the biggot for being the only one to notice what everyone else missed.

  12. brokenbose


  13. Just another suburban mom.

    I can't even tell if the passerby is "brown" or not. Maybe he's tan. Maybe the lighting is bad. Don't understand Benjamin's point. It is odd that that would bother him more than the graffiti.

  14. Christ Knights

    It's very sad to see how much Catholics are hated in this world. Jesus did say, you will be hated for my name. By, the way Jesus was a Jew and generally the people from that region are brown in color. So, brother and sisters salvation came to us from someone who was brown.

  15. Lisa S.

    What is this illiterate person so afraid of?

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