1. Lisa Graas

    We're stocked up for a few months. It's good to be prepared. Gas prices are also going to continue to go up, predicted to be up to five dollars/gallon by 2012. Does this feel like the Carter years to anyone else but me?

  2. Christoph Rebner

    How come you cannot tell another round of abortion fetishism?From http://www.newstatesman.com/blogs/the-staggers/2011/01/food-prices-markets-sector please consider:The story of food prices is as much a part of the picture of what's wrong with our financial sector as the Greek and Irish debt crises, or the obscene level of bankers' bonuses. The reality is that the same speculators who caused the global economic meltdown through their illustrious trade in sub-prime mortgages are now betting on our food system, too.Why concern with overpopulation is wrong: http://www.theinterim.com/2008/july/10overpopulation.html

  3. Mary B

    To Christoph Rebner: I don’t want to get off of the subject however, I just read the Interim report about overpopulation that you suggested. I am far from an expert, and just recently started educating myself about this subject. However, in part of the website that you gave us, it stated that Genetically modified foods were looked at as an investment in new food technology that would be better able to sustain extreme weather, drought and pests. However, it never mentioned the idea that the additions to these products that kill pests, is also poison to humans and animals who eat them. Humans get a double dose, when they eat the meat of animals who are fed GMO products. Also, the seeds are not able to regenerate, and must be repurchased from Monsanto every planting season. I have read that some countries that had been very self sufficiant in the past because they were able to use the seeds from past crops, are now starving. Monsanto has raised the prices of these seeds to the point that the farmer cannot afford to plant a crop.
    From what I understand, the poisons in these products also contaminate the soil and the water running off into our fresh water sources.

    1. Christoph Rebner

      GMO is not my topic but may be very important, as you point out!

  4. BroJer

    um, well…yea. filling the empty milk jugs with water, getting extra dry goods each week, wood for the stove, and a blessing here…my neighbor has a whole house generator and we worked out running a heavy cord over here for the freezer and lights. spare car batteries for 12volt lighting. here is the reality for me. we had riots here in the 60-70’s, gas rations etc. do i think people should panic? no. but they do need to be prepared.
    what does concern me is when I look at my older kids. They are soft. We have a whole generation of people that will not know what to do. have no idea how to cook on a wood-stove or over a fire pit, cut wood or sponge bath in a bucket that is from the rain water ya catch off the gutters. they WILL panic. oh, yea, and i have my ole Aunt Ollies pee-pot. I’m good 😉

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