Filling in for Patrick Coffin again on “The Catholic Answers Live” radio show

Well, as it happens, Patrick Coffin is still sick with strep throat, so I’ll be filling in for him again this evening as guest host of the “Catholic Answers Live” radio show for the first hour and, for the 2nd hour, I’ll be playing the dual roles of both host and guest. I guess I’ll interview myself. Anyway, if you’re interested in tuning in this evening, it runs from 6-8 ET. I hope you can tune in.


  1. Rob Ferguson

    Unfortunately our local Catholic Radio Station is in danger of going off the air. Please pray for KPIO AM 1570 Loveland/Fort Collins/Denver. We won’t be able to hear Catholic Answers and the like anymore. They need money. Please pray and seek to donate.

  2. Peggy

    I so enjoyed speaking with you on the show- I’m Peggy from San Antonio
    I am a nurse educator and you were spot on with the National Catholic Bioethics Center and One More Soul. I was so very glad that we could reach so many listeners and give the ‘lay person’ resources to share with Catholic healthcare providers, doctors and nurses.
    My husband and I own The Pelican Shop, a ‘local Catholic Bookstore’. We are so grateful when you use every opportunity to encourage people to come and see how great a resource this ministry/business is. I am still full time in nursing, and Daniel runs the store.
    You are a great blessing and a wonderful Catholic. We will see you here at the end of the week. God bless you- Peggy

  3. Alex

    Patrick as I find it hard to ever contact you for your open line show and as I understand your a former musician I’m wondering will you ever play us a song on your show as a treat to your audience???

    1. Patrick Madrid

      Now there’s an idea, Alex. But I kind of doubt that it will pass muster. First, because I play the bass guitar, which isn’t an instrument well suited to solo playing (unless you’re Geddy Lee or Paul McCartney, which I’m not). And second, Catholic Answers wants to focus on the callers and their questions.

      However . . . if you’re really interested in hearing me play bass, here’s a post that contains an audio clip of me playing with my band about 31-32 years ago. I explain everything there —>

  4. Alex

    And also if I may ask a question which is well sort of philosophical and formed from curiosity regarding the johannine comma 1 John chapter 5 verse 7.Now considering the fact that the douay rhems is imprematuerd and has this comma but the newer bibles don’t today would you consider this passage scriptural or oral tradition…and how can we as Catholics justify these commas…my response with my Jehovah witness friend which you know I don’t have to explain what I’m going through came up with this because his NWT bible didn’t have this because we were discussing the trinity…I’m sort of best response was that it proves to me that must of been catholics that handled early century scripture if even the King James Bible has it…can you explain this whole situation on commas on your open line show please…As I find it hard to ring your show at the moment
    Alejandro from Australia

  5. amy2boys

    I love the site – looks great.

    I’m a big fan. I listen to you on EWTN so much that I can tell you and Patrick Coffin apart almost instantly! Catholic Answers Live in particular is everyday for me – my commute home is long and it keeps me sane and I learn so much.

    Thanks for all you do.


    1. Patrick Madrid

      Thanks very much, Amy. I’m happy to know you like the new site and that you catch the “Open Line” show. I’ll look for you on Thursday!

  6. alex

    ahhh great music patrick

  7. Jesse

    I caught some of your show last week. You told a mother that yes, even in heaven, she would know if her sons were burning in hell. I can’t imagine the courage you have to give people the truth. I am truly inspired by your understanding of God, thank you.

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