Being for the benefit of parishes in Texas

“Having been some days in preparation, a splendid time
is guaranteed for all . . .”
What a wonderful and action-packed several days I had in Texas last week!
My sincere thanks to all of  you who were able to attend my talks in Coppell and San Antonio. We had capacity crowds at each venue, about 500 on Thursday night at St. Ann’s, and about 500 on Friday evening and again on Saturday at Blessed Sacrament Parish in San Antonio. (I really like the adoration chapel there.) On Saturday, Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller joined us in the late morning to greet the people and encourage them to study their Catholic Faith and know how to share it with others. After that, he sat in the back row and listened to the latter half of my talk on the sacraments. What an honor for all of us to have him in our midst.
It was great to be able to meet several of you in person. Thanks for coming up to introduce yourselves, take pictures, etc. And I’d like to say a special “Thank You!” to Cori and Michael Hyland for their help and conviviality while I was in Dallas; to Martha Fernández-Sardina for the same, as well as her hurculean efforts to plan and promote the events in SA, to Dennis Dixon for his taking time to be there while in the midst of a very difficult trial (God bless you, brother), and all the others who in ways seen and unseen, especially by your prayers, assisted and encouraged me in my work on this trip. Thank you!
— Patrick
P.S. If those of you living in various parts of the country would like to arrange for me to speak at a parish in your area, it’s not hard to set up. Go to the “Speaking” section of the nav bar above for details on how to organize an event like this where you live.


  1. Kevin in Texas

    How I wish I had heard that you were coming to the Dallas area last week, Mr. Madrid! I live about 5 miles from Coppell and St. Ann’s parish, and would have enjoyed hearing you speak there and hopefully chatting with you afterwards. It’s probably the largest parish in the DFW area, besides perhaps the two cathedrals, and it’s got a beautiful chapel there, too. Hope you enjoyed everyone’s Texas hospitality!

  2. Craig in San Antonio

    Mr. Madrid,
    Your presentation in San Antonio proved to be enriching for my own personal faith. You may or may not remember me (we talked for a few minutes), but I am the former PCA minister who was an Air Force Chaplain (now retired) some years back. Your book Surprised By The Truth (part one) was the initial book God used to begin my path to the Catholic Church. Being a home schooling dad, I found your discussion helpful in instructing my 14 year old son and will have him reading your materials in the years to come. And yes, he was present and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. THANKS for a rich “buffet” for the soul!

  3. Kevin in Texas

    Craig, I would very much appreciate the chance to exchange e-mails with you sometime soon. My best friend and his wife are PCA members, very intellectual but also very loving and caring Reformed Christians. My best friend is like my brother, and now that I am preparing to enter seminary and, God willing, to become a priest in the Roman Catholic Church in a few years, I pray fervently for their conversion to the fullness of the faith. Would really like to hear how your conversion process went, and suggestions you may have for addressing/bridging some of the differences. What I wouldn’t give to have those two friends present at my first Mass as Catholic Christians, and to have the delight of giving them the Eucharist, Christ Himself, from my own hands! Maybe we can get in touch through Mr. Madrid? God bless!

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