Christchurch Quake Map

Yesterday’s big quake in Christchurch, New Zealand, has Kiwis reeling from the destruction, injuries, and deaths it left in its wake. I had always heard that NZ was located on a rather seismologically active zone, though when I visited there years ago, I didn’t feel anything. But until I watched this fascinating and rather startling computer-generated model of just how frequently the Christchurch area is hit by quakes, I really had no idea the extent of the subterranean turmoil at work there. Check it out. It obviously will take a while to cycle through the last 6 months of quake activity, so if you want to see what’s been happening in just the last week leading up to yesterday’s Big Quake, click the beneath the headline in the top center.

P.S. To all my visitors from New Zealand, please know that you all have my promise of prayers for your protection.


  1. Linda Smith

    My husband and I are planning a trip to Isreal in October of this year, but we are concerned with everything that is going on in that area. Do you think it would still be a good idea to go there?

  2. Tony

    I posted before on your site about how every major earthquake in the past year have all had Biblical connotations with meanings to them. It seems to me that the locations tell a story when put together sequentially.

    I also mentioned that the names all had common Christian themes. Isn’t it startling to hear that my finding is coming true? You can’t get any clearer about an earthquake happening in “Christchurch”. Looking at the time lapsed rendering it almost looks as though someone is attacking Christchurch.

    The latest earthquake is the one from Japan. Isn’t it strange that the Blood Red Lunar eclipse happened this year and that the earthquake happened during the start of Lent at a country where their flaf symbol is a blood red sun? Tee red lunar eclipse is an ancient bad omen of bad things to come. I believe that if Satan is mocking God that he will imitate his own arrival on earth with mocking symbols. For example, to mock the star of bethlehem, you would need to use a star which doesn’t emit it’s own light. One way this is done is be reflecting light. That’s exactly what the moon does. In addition, he’s going to mock the color of the star by making it bloody in color.

    The next earthquake WILL HAVE another biblical name to it. I want to say it will happen in India to mock the 3 wise men but who knows.

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