A disconcerting quake prediction

I really dislike the prediction made in this news report. Watch the video, and I predict you’ll dislike it, too. Sure, I suppose it’s possible this guy is a quack or someone trying to manipulate something for some kind of gain, but I doubt it. He acts and sounds legit, and his track-record of accurately predicting earlier quakes, such as the San Francisco temblor in 1989, is unsettling. All the recent animal, bird, and fish mass die-offs have been perplexing. I’d hate to think that his explanation for why they have been happening might be true. Anyway, I guess we’ll know, one way or the other, in the next few days or weeks. Like Cavuto said, “I hope he’s wrong.”


  1. doanli

    I think we had better continue to offer up a lot of prayers and sacrifices.

    This guy is not a nutter…in the Bible I remember Christ telling us to watch for signs too. His thinking goes along with that. (ie, the behavior of animals and sea life)

  2. World Spinner

    A disconcerting quake prediction : Patrick Madrid…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  3. Tony Abaca

    I predict the next super quake or disaster will happen on 5-11-2011.

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