Wife Says “No,” but Apple Says “Yes”

Someone posted the following, apparently true, story on the Macrumors.com site. I like. I like.

“Apple is paying close attention to all iPad 2 returns during the first few weeks to make sure there are no major production defects. This policy has led to an amusing story that we thought was entertaining enough to share. The story comes by way of an individual close to Apple:”

[Apple’s] focus this week has been to troubleshoot all the iPad 2s that customers are returning to the stores. One iPad came back with a post it note on it that said “Wife said no.” It was escalated as something funny, and two of the VPs got wind of it. They sent the guy an iPad 2 with a note on it that said “Apple said yes.”

We’re guessing a free iPad satisfied any objection the customer’s wife might have had.



  1. Neena @ Mac Software Tutorials

    What a lucky guy! It does pay to be original.

    After I read this here – I did see the story circulating around the web. But just letting you know – I read it here first!

  2. R.C.

    Call me crazy, but there are circumstances in which I’d rather my wife said “Yes,” and who gives a rip what Apple says.

    Nice P.R. move on their part, though.

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