EWTN Releases New Statement Regarding Fr. Corapi’s Programs

This announcement was just sent out from EWTN and is published here with their permission:

To all EWTN Radio programming partners and hosts:

We are aware that many of our supporters are disappointed in EWTN’s decision to remove Father John Corapi’s programs from the Network during his administrative leave.  We too are greatly disappointed that EWTN had to make this difficult decision. We can  assure you that it was made with much prayer and careful discernment.

The fact is that Father John’s own religious community has placed him on administrative leave and his capacity to function publicly as a priest has been suspended during the investigation of the charges against him.  This was officially communicated to all of the bishops of the country in a statement saying that, “…Fr. Corapi has been placed on administrative leave and has had all of his priestly faculties removed.”

In EWTN’s thirty years of existence, the Network has never knowingly aired programming featuring any priest whose priestly faculties have been suspended. The Network has always responded consistently and immediately in such situations by removing such programs from the air.  We are obliged to do so in obedience to the discipline of the Church.

Father John has long been a friend of EWTN and many of us have worked closely with him throughout the years.  He is a tremendously gifted preacher who has led many souls to Christ.  We are doing exactly as he has asked and supporting him and everyone involved in the situation in the best way possible, through our prayers.

It is also our prayer that this matter will be brought to a speedy resolution so that Father John’s programs can be returned to the airwaves.

Thank you for your understanding.  May God bless you.

EWTN Global Catholic Network


  1. mary

    I am praying for you, Fr Corapi. I hope you come back real soon to us. Regards Mary

  2. Debra

    If there is no word by the end of June, I fear assumptions will be made. Sometimes time makes others forget, sometimes it makes it worse.
    Father deserves his privacy, whatever he is doing or not doing, but being in the public eye, does make it seem like they owe you something, a downside to being on TV and in the news.

  3. Fr.Michael J.Sciberras

    Unfortunately we are living at a time when the Catholic Church is the butt of crude jokes and comments that are vicious. But the Church will survive.

    Unfortunately also we are living in a time when anyone can attack a priest and destroy his reputation with the mere accusation. “Proof” is not necessary for a priest to be removed from ministry no matter how effective he may be. Perhaps the more effective he may be, the more the evil one through accusations is determined to destroy the priest and damage the Church.

    We pray for Fr. Corapi for the strength he needs. Even Jesus was betrayed by one of His own. He is in good company.

    1. Therese

      I watched Fr. Corapi faithfully on Saturday night and really miss his program. We need more priests like him. Father, know that I am praying for you and for this investigation to be over so that you will be back on tv. I feel so bad that this happened to you. PLEASE bring him back soon – in the meantime, I guess we can purchase his tapes but its not the same.

  4. rose

    Since I can’t reply to the initial statement I guess this will have to do. As a Catholic I am very disappointed in the those in authority in the Church just seem to be dragging their feet. At this point I hardly think this is a privacy issue. With so many people behind Father Corapi, i think it makes the Church look bad. We need to know that those who are supposedly handling Fathers situation are actually doing something. I don’t think they are. Murder trials don’t take this long. Every day that passes feels like those who are supposedly investigation are slowly but surely committing a type of murder. I love my church and I love my faith.. but there are are some I would like to just kick out with no explanation. Enough time has passed for any competent Bishop or whoever to have solved this. I think this investigation is becoming a bogus joke. And that is how I feel.

    1. GK Prayer Warrior

      “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”
      — G.K. Chesterton

      The presenter of the Battle at Lepanto, at a CMF meeting, quoted Chesterton to illustrate the character of Don Giovanni d’Austria. I think Chesterton’s statement illustrates Fr. Corapi’s character as well.

  5. Debra

    I feel the silience will start to look like he’s guilty but “how do we approach it?” The support cuts both ways, some will continue to support him as a good christian, some will be heartbroken and it might cause someone who put a lot of faith in him and not Jesus and the church, a crisis of faith.
    It will also cause a drop in sales of his DVD’s and books.

    On the other hand, I think they fact that everyone on both sides have been quiet is nice, no “leaks” like we have all the time on TV, no people talking before it ends. I commend everyone on that.
    I hope he’s innocent and can add an interesting twist in his life to his upcoming authobiography. If not, I hope whatever he feels his followers should know, is told, and Catholics don’t feel there is another coverup.

  6. rose

    The real reason no one can penalized EWTN is because EWTN has no choice. EWTN has to be obedient to it’s superiors. The superiors said “EWTN” could not in anyway televise Fr Corapi. One person stated that if something doesn’t come to light by June then many will come to their own conclusions. It’s not likely that a negative announcement will be made. But for sure if our prayers are answered a statement will be mad. From the world I expect and accept that not much is fair. However, in my Church I do expect fairness.

  7. Debra

    This weekend we should hear something..the timing is his ordination aniv I think:
    From a newsletter from FB

    We understand many of you would like an update–any update–on the status of Fr. John Corapi. Please be assured that as soon as Fr. Corapi updates us with the status of these events, we will utilize all avenues of communications to update you, h…is fans, and followers. Recently, Fr. Corapi held an internal office meeting and informed us that he is “not extinguished!” He expressed his continued desire to help deliver a message of hope to those who seek it and he informed us that by this weekend he will have a “very inportant announcement” that he plans on delivering on YouTube, Facebook, and through email.

    We ask that you continue to lift him up in prayer and are encouraged for what lies ahead.

  8. Denise Copeland

    I feel our Church is making a grave mistake in relationship to Fr. Corapi. How many more priests, nuns and lay people must suffer the consequences of false and/or inaccurate accusations, without a thorough investigation of the facts? Did not Christ himself, stand up for the young women who was to be stoned, only to draw in the sand the sins of the accusers?, and if, that was indeed what he wrote. What did he write in the sand? What did Christ know about this women that no one else did? Why would he defend her? Why shouldn’t the Catholic church defend Fr. Corapi? Are we now so concerned about “Public Opinion” that we are frozen to defend our faith in a way that defends our good soldiers? How weak the Catholic Church appears in allowing one person to attack us…yes “Us”, as that is who Fr. Corapi represents. We have taken a beating regarding our priests who have made grave errors, but we should not let that experience, or those priests, represent all priests. By not defending Fr. Corapi, the Catholic Church is opening herself up for more and more unjustified accusations in the future. I would like to think that one person, does not have so much power over the Catholic Church, and if we give one person that much power, we must be encouraging others to do the same, or ….might it be that our Church Leaders are afraid, jealous, or in opposition to the teachings of Fr. Corapi and are finding a cowards way to denounce him.

    1. Debra

      The church was looking into it, HE stopped the investigation and wanted to leave.

    2. elleblue

      The reality is many good people are accused of bad things and in this Fr.Corapi is no different. There is a process in place within the Church to deal with all of this. Some people suffer for years under these accusations, not months.

      Fr. Corapi has become a symbol of what happens when the messenger becomes more important than the message! There are many excellent priests and religious and laity who are teaching the truths of our faith. By his actions Fr. Corapi has shifted the attention away from the teachings onto himself! That in itself is very unfortunate.

  9. Roger

    Certain things about the Corapi issue are strangely reminiscent with Archbishop Lefebvre’s circumstances. And most if not all Novies (here and elsewhere)still don’t get it. It’s clear that the Church hierarchy feels threatened or uncomfortable with Father Corapi because much of what he says is a virtual exposé….. the accusation against him is their excuse to make him gone. However the unfortunate difference between Corapi and Lefebvre is that Lefebvre obeyed Christ (i.e. his vows and ALL Canon law) while Corapi (and EWTN) still obey(s) their “superiors” who are at best in error and at worst corrupt. Obviously no priest or religious must obey a command to do wrong, to sin or to deny the Faith in any way. This is the fallacy of “obedience” that novus ordo Vatican II adherents cling to. The sooner that the Pope admits the truth about Vatican II and Archbishop Lefebvre, and consecrates Russia as out lady asked, the sooner we will have peace and our Church back.

  10. Glenn

    My God, My God why have you forsaken me?

  11. Elizabeth

    God bless Father Corapi, and God forgive him for breaking the vows he took on his ordination – and for furthering division in the Church.

    Thank God for all of the faithful priests who welcome persecution and suffering. Thank God for all of those priests throughout the world who are asked to suffer terrible injustices yet still remain faithful to their vows and use their suffering to save souls.

    Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.
    (Prov. 16:18)

    1. Alison

      Elizabeth – what right have you to contend that Fr. Corapi is guilty of breaking vows he took upon his ordination, or for furthering division in the Church. If you have allegations, reveal who you really are to everyone, and provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt!

    2. ed

      You seem to talk with authority.
      Are you one of women whom Fr Corapi allegedly have sexual relations?
      If you are not, you are guilty of calumny.
      May the merciful Jesus have mercy on you if you are talking through your hat.

    3. blossom4Xt

      My heart weeps.

      My blvd Elizabeth, Christ has asked us to love His Priests and Mary has asked us not to judge or condemn them, what they require is our love and prayers. know that the final battle would be against the Church and her followers, Elizabeth we are all members of one body and if one falls or is sick, all others should rally round. I want to implore everyone who believes in the Church and in the holy Priests of God to please offer a fervent Hail Mary, praying that our Lady of Light comes and enlightens, consoles and strenghtens Rev Fr John Corapi as the angel of God strenghtened Elijah.

      Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall.
      1 Cor 10:12

  12. Alison

    And right he is to stop Church investigations of purported crimes, and invite in the Courts and police! How else do you think the shameful corruption in your civil and criminal laws, can be exposed?

  13. John 4m nigeria

    I’v follow fr corapi wit great affection since 2008, i luv his messages it’s sad dat we are probably goin 2 lost such an icon, my prayer is that weda he’s found not guilty or not, he returns to the church. On the other hand fr corapi should not become a hypocryt 2 him self by now condeming the same faith he spent the last 20yrs promoting.

  14. Chuck

    So disappointed in Fr. Corapi. I watched him and marveled at his journey through life to priesthood.

    I realize we are all human and prone to fall but I am so disappointed in his dishonesty of living a priestly life.

    Bad times for our church and those of us who keep clinging to it for hope and truth.

    Chuck Carnell

    1. Pat

      Living a lie is a bad bad thing

  15. Pat

    On July 5, Fr. Gerald Sheehan, Corapi’s religious superior in the Society of Our Lady of the Trinity, released a press statement through the order’s news blog which accused Corapi of drug and alcohol abuse, “sexting”, having an affair with a former prostitute and violating his promise of poverty as a perpetually professed member of the Society by owning over $1 million in real estate, numerous luxury vehicles, motorcycles, an ATV, a boat dock, and several motor boats. It ended by stating that “SOLT’s prior direction to Fr. John Corapi not to engage in any preaching or teaching, the celebration of the sacraments or other public ministry continues. Catholics should understand that SOLT does not consider Fr. John Corapi as fit for ministry.”[18]
    On July 7th, Corapi announced on his website that he would not obey the order of his religious superior to leave his home in Montana to live in community with his fellow priests. He said he would not return to the order because he resigned from the priesthood June 17, two days short of the 20th anniversary of his ordination.[

    1. George

      Not every religious superior is holy themselves. Some are outright evil. I have never met Fr. Sheehan, so I cannot even begin to judge whether what he is saying is true or not, or what evidence he is using to make his judgments against Fr. Corapi. I know personally of several religious superiors who have maligned very holy men in their communities, men who I knew personally and very well. Clearly, in those cases, like Bishop Sheen has said, “where holiness is, Satan is right on its heels looking for a way to destroy it.” Such is a principle of spirituality. This is why priests whose influence is public must be on their guard against all impropriety, especially in prayer. The point here is one should not believe Fr. Sheehan’s accusations solely because he is a religious superior.

  16. Tania Pineda

    Fr. Corapi is human he failed, and what he requires is our prayers and allow God, and only God to judge him. The enemy is manipulative, vicious and evil. We have to be in constant vigilance or we are all going to fall in disgrace, mortal sin. None of us are good only God is good, and we have to pray and fight a good fight. Help us Jesus.

  17. Linda

    I am deeply saddened by Father Corapi being stripped of his priestly power and for EWTN taking him off the air.

    If not for Father Corapi, I would, more than likely, still be living in mortal sin. Father Corapi convicted me of living with a man I was not married to. I thank Father Corapi for bringing me back to the Catholic church and saving my soul. No other priest or person I have ever listened to on EWTN or other religious programs ever caused me to understand the grave sin I was in. The Catholic Church has lost an extremely strong advocate for the Catholic Church, and I am sure that satan is very relieved and ecstatic. While many priests I have heard speak in church, speak so politically correct that they come across to me as cowardly and about as strong as milk toast,”so as not to “offend” anyone, Father Corapi bravely preached the Gospel as it is written in the Bible.

    I would say that the demise of the Catholic Church in this Country is in great part to priests being so worried about losing money, that they won’t preach the gospel as Jesus taught his disciples. I have great admiration and respect for Father Corpai, as he has a backbone, and spoke the truth as Jesus did.

    I give all my hopes and prayers for him in this matter.

    1. Neil

      I believe that Father Corapi failed in his vow of poverty and of his vow of docility to his church and superiors.
      I, too, was aided in my return to the church through Father Corapi, none the less, he is a servant of God and he has become a disappointment to me. He has a great gift, but has chosen a different path. May God have mercy on us all!

  18. Sandra M.

    As Jesus hung on the cross, He was not condemning. Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do. ALL our priests are under attack, some more than others. They all need our prayers. Some priests who have not been half the priest that Fr. Corapi is need to examine their own consciences.

  19. judi cousins

    Shame to all those who have doubt! I see many casting stones to this man of God. Fr. Corapi said he did not commit any of these malicious lies and I believe him. No one can penetrate the soul with such words of wisdom, love and goodness and then live a secret life of evil. The strength behind Fr.’s words could not stand. And every sermon was filled with true devotion to God and his people. Satan is out to destroy the church and Fr. Corapi being the strong warrior for Christ that he always was, became a CHALLENGE against satan. Satan’s goal has always been to eliminate faith in God. Take away God’s warriors and our church looks weak and unstable. And our church is! Satan has proven he has a lot of pull in the church because their are so many weak in the faith. This explains why O’bama got to Notre Dame, the filth! Evil was welcomed in and GOOD was taken out. I will never leave the faith because My Catholic Faith is rooted and to forgive my neighbors, well you’ve just added dirt to your own grave, not mine. May God forgive EWTN and all those false proclaimers of good. To turn your back on your brother just proves how two faced you really were.

    1. Jane Smith

      This case just goes to show that there will always be Judases- hopefully some day the former Fr. Corapi will come to repentance and conversion.

    2. Rosa M

      While I admire your passion for truth and your defense of Fr. Corapi, EWTN is correct in being obedient to the church. Even St. Padre Pio was falsely accused and persecuted by the church. Our Lord uses this for our good. Keep Fr. Corapi in your prayers as well as EWTN and all involved. I agree that evil has taken over much of our country, Our Lord has warriors in place to defend him and we all know that according to the book of Revelation, we win in the end. So hang in there.

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