“I’ll shut down the government before I’ll cut one penny of abortion funding!” (Harry Reid)

Father Frank Pavone’s PriestsForLife.org, quoting Sen. Harry Reid above, has some excellent commentary on today’s LifeNews.com report about how

Check out LifeNews.com’s reporttoday about how

Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska [a Catholic, dontchyaknow] is one of just a handful of pro-abortion Republicans in the Senate, but she has become the most outspoken of the group saying she will fight to ensure Planned Parenthood continues getting taxpayer funding.

Murkowski already publicly staked a position favoring continuing taxpayer financing of the nation’s biggest abortion business and she said today the fight is not over.

“I think there are some that feel very strongly and will continue the effort to defund. I think that is a fight that is not yet resolved,” she told the Anchorage Daily News.

Murkowski and every other Republican senator voted for a House-approved long-term budget bill (continuing resolution that contained the Pence Amendment de-funding Planned Parenthood, but she told the newspaper the vote on the bill, which the Senate rejected, was merely a test to determine how many lawmakers supported the rest of the bill and did not reflect whether pro-abortion Republicans or some Democrats would support Planned Parenthood de-funding. . . . (continue reading)

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  1. […] Patrick Madrid has a story on Catholic Senator Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska who says she will “shut down the government before cutting a penny of abortion funding”.So, I guess, just file this for when she dies.Posted in Uncategorized | Tagged Abortion, […]

  2. Rob Russo

    “I’ll shut down the government” really? Well, wouldn’t THAT be a dream come true!!!!! Seems like the liberals are using this as the new “threat?” That’s no threat… That’s a UTOPIA!!!!!!!

    1. Michellelee

      I’d have to say I’m probably a lot more liberal (NOT pro-abortion) than many of the commenters here. But even I have to admit that comment about shutting down the government being utopia is pretty darned funny. Some of the things the government does just plain drives me batty.

      I would much prefer to be my pro-life, chaste Christian feminist, hippie, peace-not-war, love-everybody self, barefoot in the grass and living off the land in peaceful community with others, without too heavy or invasive of a government. That would be my utopia.

      Well, I can dream, can’t I?

  3. Mark Nehrbas

    How’d she get elected again?

  4. Victoria

    Hate/anger=unattractive, Senator Murkowski, and it certainly shows.  

    I “legally” (lol) DVR’d from EWTN, Bloodmoney: Business of Abortion back in January and watched parts of it this evening with my husband to show him parts of the birth control/condoms planned murderhood distributed to the women so they purposely could fail and then kill the unborn soul.

    This was prompted by watching a YouTube video of Sean hannity being polietly put in place by Fr Thomas Euteneuer and seans personal feeling on birth control, etc. What I found facinating is Fathers reasoning behind it that made me go back today and watch bloodmoney again. 

    They (Planned Murderhood) purposely gave low dosage pills and the weakest condoms to promote genocide.  I know & see the contrition on the girls/women that went through it out of fear or getting murdered themselves..

    If the schools are going to promote “Sex Ed” then why not show them this to give 2 sides to the sex-Ed story?  Then the girls/women can then make their “choice”…….

    Like Fr Corapi has said, he never understood that question that was always left unanswered..  ” choose what?”. 

    I hope this msg finds you well & healthy, Patrick. 🙂


  5. Dennis Simpson

    Sen. Murkowski is a disgrace to the Republican Party with her pro-abortion advocacy? She is the reason, they created pillow cases!

  6. Josh


    I’m as pro-life as you are, but where is the quote “I’ll shut down the government before I cut one penny of abortion funding”? It’s not in the story you link to. She doesn’t talk about shutting down the government. She talks about supporting funding for PP (which, of course, she would say isn’t for abortions–which we both know is as ridiculous as saying “I’m only going to scoop water out of this side of the bathtub”).

    Quotation marks imply a someone said what is between them. I get and support your point, but I think you’re demagoging this, or at least being a little uncharitable here.

    Josh in IN

    1. Patrick Madrid

      Josh, you picked up on a glitch, and I thank you for that. Here’s what happened. My original post (http://bit.ly/ebZOoT) in which he cites this quote as coming from Harry Reid. In a subsequent edit of my post, that first line was inadvertently excised. Here’s another blog that remarked about Fr. Pavone’s quoting that line: http://icatholic.catholictv.com/profiles/blogs/ill-shut-down-the-government.

      In any case, I had originally had the two stories juxtaposed in my post, with links to both. And even though I am not engaging in demagoguery, my post did not clearly attribute the headline quote to Reid instead of Murkowski. I appreciate your catching this problem so that I can correct it.

  7. K Peterson

    She won the election by hook and by crook. A tea party favorite won the primaries, but she entered later as an independent, filing late I believe and getting the rules changed so she could run and getting her name on the ballot illegally. Anyway, it was a sort of close race, with her winning. I sure wish she would have lost, it could have saved the lives of some babies.

  8. Dorothy Savoy

    Hey, Shut it down! Bet we could save lots of money. Keep us from giving anymore to the rich who can’t manage theirs……. Think about it!!!!!!
    Let me get this straight this is a Catholic who wants to pay for abortions? By all means we mustn’t keep those mothers??? from aborting their babies?
    Perplexed in Longville

    Too bad she wasn’t aborted

  9. Jennie MARONEY

    If the government shuts down, does that mean that Harry Reid is out of a job? If it does, SHUT IT DOWN!

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