Terrifying NEW Japan Tsunami video shows how quickly people were swallowed up by the wave

This is by far the most chilling, the most horrifying video I have yet seen of the devastation wreaked in Japan by the March 11th tsunami. I can only imagine the anguish endured by the people standing on the hill watching this catastrophe unfold before their eyes. You can hear it in their voices as their exclamations go from astonishment (when they see the wave first impacting the town far away) to disbelief, to abject horror. This video is simply staggering.


  1. John Foresman

    Pat, you are correct. This is the most disturbing footage of the tsunami I have seen. It’s probably because of the audio. I don’t know Japanese, but one can surely tell by their sound how they became terrified.

  2. BadgerCatholic


  3. Sue

    Patrick, I just want to thank you for helping to keep Japan in the spotlight. As time goes on, and the news isn’t covering the situation 24/7 anymore it’s easy to forget that there are so may people still suffering greatly over here. The aftershocks are large and frequent, the pain of loss is ever present along with the fear of nuclear disaster on top of everything!

    Please continue to pray for the people of Japan, all of those poor Tokyo Electric workers at the plant in Fukushima (and for a quick solution for getting those pumps up and running to cool the reactor), for the orphans… so many needs… it’s truly staggering.

    Yet, we are in God’s hands, and we are so blessed when we hear of all the people who are praying and helping in many ways, big and small!

    Sue, in Japan

  4. Christi

    I am crying again today. God have mercy on their souls.

  5. julie hearn

    My heart goes out in tears about seeing this….one thing I noticed is a guy from HIGHER ground runs down to help the people on the far left corner, I ask for blessings for him he was swept away in helping he turned his back to the water he was safe and he ran down to help….this video made me tear up how it was 5 minutes long and they had hardly ANY time to get to higher ground…God bless you and read Miracles of the Eucharist by Bob and Penny Lord. Also look up Jullia Kim in Korea (alive supernatural visionary with many miracle experiences) here are other miracle places going on around the world only a FEW of many. Holylove dot org, medjugorje dot org, pedro regis dot com speaks of much that will happen in Asia. God Bless You and the rest of the world including all of us in the USA cried with you.

  6. Jim

    And to think we take things for granted here!

    May God be with the people of Japan, and to all who suffer!

  7. carrie k

    This video made me cry. As i watched the people run up the hill I was literally praying, “Please God, let them make it.”

    Theologically, that may or may not make sense after the fact, but it was just too horrible to see.

    May God help the survivors.

  8. Sad Truth

    All these people keep saying “Pray for Japan”. Why didn’t you pray before hand to make this NOT happen?

    If God actually existed, he wouldn’t have let this tragedy happen in the first place. And please, don’t give me that “God doesn’t work that way” rhetoric. How about the hard fact that God doesn’t work at all?…

    1. Monica

      You’re right, creating people who think like you wasn’t the best of his work. It’s not his fault we created money and machines to replace our own common sense instincts…

    2. Shel

      I wonder if YOUR prayer would have made a difference, too. If we were all perfect and lived in a perfect paradise, sure we wouldn’t be dealing with the tragedies we have today, but we also wouldn’t have the passionate love for our Lord and Savior that is evidenced by millions throughout all the nations. I hope you, too, will come to know the grace and love and mercy only He has to offer that you will no longer be beligerent but come to show compassion for your fellow neighbors. When we truly put God before all others and before all things, great and wonderous deeds are done for His glory, not our own.

  9. Shel

    Someone who is very close to me told my mom and me that he thinks all the recent, devestating earthquake activity is due to our continual drilling for oil! I was flabberghasted and completely paralyzed by that statement. May the scales fall from all our eyes to behold the truly awesome power of God. My prayers continue to be with the families in such dire need right now that they, too, may come to depend soley on God’s grace to find peace in these difficult times.

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