How the March 2011 Japan tsunami happened

Here we have a fascinating scientific breakdown of exactly what factors were in play to cause both the 9.0 earthquake off Japan’s north-east coast and the ensuing tsunami that killed upwards of 25,000 people. As ever, I am grateful to science and scientists for the fact that we can know exactly what the geophysical causes were behind such a disaster. Some new footage I haven’t seen before is part of this presentation.

Also, please be sure to watch this amazing video footage of the tsunami taken from the vantage point of those standing on a hill looking down on a town that was entirely engulfed by the waves. Truly, terribly mind-blowing.


  1. Terence

    I watched this when it first came out a couple of weeks ago. It makes you wonder what God has in store for the USA, given our nations complicancy and Obama’s further promotion of the genocide of the unborn. As mom used to say, even though this is based on the geophysics of the Earth, God is in control and allows or delays or disallows such natural disasters according to His will.

  2. How the Tsunami Happened | The Anchoress

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  3. Jon White

    Please always preface any scientific statement (such as your “…we can know exactly what the geophysical causes were behind such a disaster.”) with the words, “Based on our current level of ignorance, this is what we think we know.” Thank you.

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