Don’t be discouraged. Hold your head up high. This is a great time to be Catholic.

You’ve heard the famous saying: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” If ever there were a time when this truth was plainly evident, I believe it is right now.

Let’s take stock of the situation we’re in. Planet earth and its inhabitants are going through some pretty rough times. Our problems range from famine, religious persecutions, war, rampant illegal drug use, broken families, the murder of millions of unborn children each year, strife, pornography, drunkenness, cloning, racial hatred, terrorism, godlessness, blasphemies, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other weather-related catastrophes, widespread sexual immorality, despair, suicide, a spirit of revenge, and the looming threat of nuclear annihilation (did I miss anything?). And amidst all this social upheaval, we see the rise of popular, charismatic politicians who charm the masses with bland, sugar-coated platitudes even as they ardently promote abortion, euthanasia, cloning, and other wickedness. Our world is spinning ever more out of control into the abyss of sin and alienation from the God Who loves us. That’s the bad news.

The Good News is that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to redeem and save us. He established the Catholic Church as the visible means of grace and healing for those who will accept His grace. The really interesting part is that you have been called by Christ to bring the Good News of His grace and forgiveness to a seriously hurting world. Are you up for it? . . . (continue reading)


  1. Jasper

    Patrick, excellent. Thanks for the reminder, even though most of us know the truth, we need to be reminded of it and put things into perspective.

    I think your link ‘continue reading’ goes to another post…

  2. Tapestry

    I have been reading a book on what it was like in the Middle Ages just before Luther called “Roots of the Reformation”by Karl Adams. He does not pull any punches! After seeing how the Church could survive all that mess it makes me think that the Holy Spirit just HAS to be with the Church. No other government or institution could have gone through all that corruption and chaos and still survived to this day. That is what the ‘modern’ atheists don’t get; you can hit it with everything you got but the Church isn’t going away cause you,or Satan, want it to, thanks be to Jesus Christ.
    Happy Palm Sunday and a Blessed Easter to all!

  3. Jackie Parkes

    Nice looking blog! I will set up a link..

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