A view to a kill? No. I’m going to pass on seeing Bin Laden’s corpse pics

I don’t plan to look at the pictures of Bin Laden’s corpse when they are released publicly. I’d be curious to know what you folks think about that subject.

Personally, I don’t want any additional gory images permanently embedded in my mind. For example, I wish that I had never seen the JFK morgue pictures. One news report I saw described the Bin Laden pictures as “very bloody and gory.”


  1. Jerica Michael

    I wouldn’t have cared either way, but after hearing and reading some of the reports, I want to see proof. Some are saying it happened last week, some a few hours before President Obama gave his speech, some are claiming he was buried at sea according to Muslim religious laws, but was not actually Muslim. Some reports say he was shot and some say he was blown up. It all makes me extremely suspicious.

  2. Terence

    As followers of a loving and merciful Christ, when an evil man is killed we don’t gloat or take pleasure in his demise and the remains of his body. Instead we pray for mercy on his soul and we lay him to rest in our minds and hearts and seek a way to understand how to forgive his evil doings, while praying for his victims souls and the his victims family. To do otherwise is to take on the values of the world and find pleasure and entertainment in such images. This makes us accessories to a part of the evil surrounding this man, and thus culpable in the culture of evil that Bin Laden represents.

  3. Annabelle

    I thought if they were released to the press I would certainly look at them (since I am somewhat a news junkie) but after reading your thoughts perhaps you are right and Obama is saving me from myself by not releasing them. As an adult I now realize there are certain things I wish I could “unsee” or “unread” or “unhear” that I have witnessed in my life. This probably would be one of them. I heard these words “un..” from a school psychologist and think of that when deciding what images, movies, songs etc. to expose my children to.

  4. Bettie

    I don’t want to see those pictures either, no just because they’re gory but because it seems disrespectful and unchristian. As a Christian Catholic i believe we are to have respect for the dead and treat the body in a respectful manner even if they are considered the “enemy”. Whether we want to acknowlege it or not Bin Laden was also a child of God no matter how much evil he committed. We can only hope that in his last days or moments he had regrets and asked for forgiveness from God. As a Catholic my prayer is that “none be lost”.

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