A Very Madrid Wedding

My son Max was married to his lovely wife Anna last December. Nancy and I and the rest of us are overjoyed to welcome Anna into the family! With her and Max’s permission, I’d like to share with you some highlights of the blessed celebration. This slide show tells the tale.

A few factoids: The beautiful Catholic church where they were married is in Syracuse, NY; the groomsmen are three of my sons and my two sons-in-law; and Max, a petty officer 2nd-class in the U.S. Navy. He has a demanding job, so please keep him and Anna in your prayers, especially that God will grant them many children and many happy years together.

Now, be sure to turn your speakers on, turn up the volume, and enjoy the show!

(Pictures and slideshow by Brandon Lata, Fellici Studio: fellicistudio.com)


  1. Carol

    Is it just me and my IE or is this slideshow super tiny?

    1. Patrick Madrid

      Hmm, I think it’s just you. It’s big on each browser I try it on (Chrome, IE, Firefox).

      But try the “launch screen in full window” in the upper left side. That might fix it.

      1. Carol

        Just wondering…are you using IE 9 yet?

  2. Hallie Lord

    Wow. Just beautiful! They are such a sweet couple! I’ll be sure to keep them in my prayers. 🙂

  3. Grace

    These are extraordinary photos! You should share the name of the photographer. 🙂

    Congratulations to your family!

  4. Grace

    Oh, oops, you did. I missed it!

  5. Mellie

    I think you have a great family. God Bless your family and keep you all safe always. Mr. Madrid, thank you for sharing. Congratulations!!!

  6. Jeff Benne


    That’s so cool. They look like a wonderful couple. 🙂

  7. AliveInHope

    Such a beautiful couple! So very blessed… I will keep them in my prayers.

  8. Dennis J. Dixon

    I like the shot of the shoes, and the one showing the Guinness sign at the reception.
    What a beautiful day…..what a beautiful family….May God Bless them with many little blessings. Thank You Patrick for sharing this.

  9. Nikita

    I will keep them in my prayers, but certainly what caught me to write was because we you said he is in the U.S. Navy and works with Nuclear Reactors, my fiance, who is hoping to get a big Yes from the Navy will be hopefully going into Nuclear Power, actually doing the same job. I know it is random, but it made me instantly think of it and wanted to say that I will pray for them.

    I also wanted to say that I have been following your blog for quite a few weeks, and I really love reading your blog posts and only hope that I will be able to read more in the future.

    Please have a blessed weekend and a great Easter.

    Nikita Phillips
    Columbus, Ohio

  10. Jim

    Wow! Great family!

  11. Theresa

    Awesome! What a wonderful Church, incredible wedding pictures. Thank you for sharing these Patrick. Will definitely keep your son in my prayers, I live in the Submarine Capitol, watch the subs go by my house all the time.

    My prayers and blessings for the happy couple.

  12. Michael

    Congrats to the bubble head and his lovely bride from a former sailor. Although, I had enough sense to fly over the subs rather than go in them. 🙂

  13. Debi



    God is rewarding your efforts for His glory by blessing your family.

  14. Mary Ellen Werner

    This just goes to show you how non-linear the Internet is! I started at amazon.com, looking at my recommendations, and clicked on Patrick’s book, then, opened a new tab to go to http://www.patrickmadrid.com to see what other books I may be interested in. Then I saw the blog and went to the wedding site to look at the pictures. I loved them, the mix of black and white and color, they were beautiful! Now I need to go back to Patrick’s blog and list of books. I also want to find out where in Ohio he is from and where the Belmont Abbey is! Just ordered _Where Does It Say That…_

  15. Sue from Buffalo

    Oh, Patrick!! Such a beautiful couple and I love that pic of the little boy at the reception! That expression was priceless!! 🙂

    I’m from Syracuse. Actually Baldwinsville, right outside of Syracuse, New York but I went to Syracuse University. Transplanted to Buffalo. What church was that? A beautiful church.

    Is Anna from Syracuse? What is the connection to Syracuse? I was so surprised to see that it took place in my hometown.

    That video and the music was so beautiful.

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