If you’ve heard “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” you might enjoy this

If you haven’t, you really should watch the video of the original song first, and then, once you’re hep to what it’s all about, watch this reworked version by comedy genius Tim Hawkins. And when you’re finished with it, you will probably want to watch every other humor video he’s ever made. He’s that good. And lucky for you, there are tons of his videos on YouTube 🙂


  1. Chloe

    Too funny! I cracked up the first time I saw this video… the original was one of those songs I felt guilty about not liking, but I’m pretty sure Jesus wants us to humbly ask for His leadership… not whine incessantly at Him with strange driving metaphors.

  2. Judy

    Thanks, Patrick, that was a good chuckle video! I have watched some of his other videos, too. He is a funny guy : )

  3. mary toro

    I love this video as much as I hate the video and song that it parodies. While Jesus is certainly the Lord of my life the song “Jesus take the wheel” has to be the sappiest song I have ever heard. It trivializes real faith and the video is just silly.

  4. Matthew

    It was indeed “funny” but I don’t think its appropriate to turn a beautiful song about depending on Jesus into a joke, and even worse to find it on a “Catholic Site”, its rather scandalous. I thought I was being overly “sensitive” until I showed a non-Catholic friend of mine and she too was bothered by it. Sorry, just my/our take on it.

    P.S. I unfortunately get enough “jokes” from my priest from the stage, I mean from the altar, during the “homily”. No wonder everyone’s becoming as atheist, Christianity itself is treated like a joke, and by the Church herself. ):

    1. Patrick Madrid

      Lighten up, Matthew. There’s nothing whatsoever inappropriate about this song.

      1. Corrie


  5. Carol

    Tim Hawkins always cracks me up!

  6. Martha

    I wish Cletus had sung more.

  7. melody

    I laugh at this video every time I see it. (It helps that Hawkins can actually sing, unlike Weird Al types.) And I confess that I do like the original song (although Underwood’s video falls way short). If I could sing like she can, I’d be singing about anything and everything I could think of, sappy or not. 🙂 Honestly, I think the good Lord tolerates a good bit of pathetic whining and weak metaphors from us at times. And likely doesn’t mind if we find some wholesome humor in a Tim Hawkins video.

  8. Stephen E Dalton

    Tim’s “The Government Can” video is even funnier!

  9. Victoria

    Nice share. Cletus=halarious.

    I hope things are well with you, Patrick. Just wanted to say hi. I love the wedding pics. Beautiful.

    Deactivated FB- I have too much going on with my kids. Remember what I said if your kids need advice on the babies.



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