Quitters never win & winners never quit, but he who never wins AND never quits is Harold Camping

I cannot begin to image how thick someone’s skull must be to keep battering it endlessly against the brick wall of futility. After all the bemused media hype, frenzied efforts to get the word out to the masses, and a big ole pile of cash squandered (his and his followers’) on promoting his recent prediction that the rapture would take place last Saturday, with the end of the world following this coming October, Protestant radio answer man, Harold Camping, has . . . wait for it . . .   “revised his apocalyptic prophecy Monday, saying he was off by five months because the Earth actually will be obliterated on Oct. 21.”

Even if the earth is obliterated this October, at least there is a consolation prize of sorts, and that is that Mr. Camping’s credibility was obliterated first. That happened [again] last Saturday.


  1. avyanez

    This is an exact repeat of The Great Disappointment of the Millerites They moved to October also.

  2. avyanez

    This is a repeat of the Great Disappointment of the Millerites. They moved it to October too.

  3. Stephen E Dalton

    Herbert W Armstrong also predicted the end of the world twice. The world is still here, Herbert isn’t. And someday, neither will harold Camping.

  4. jfbn

    When EXACTLY on Saturday was his credibility obliterated. I actually believe that happened much earlier, but the texts and published accounts are somewhat misleading… ;^P

  5. Helene

    Although this leader and his sect are laughable, Christianity as a whole suffers because we get all smeared with the same brush, it hurts our credibility.

  6. Gary Zimak

    What’s really sad is that so many people are willing to part with their savings to fund Mr. Camping’s efforts. You can bet that he’ll have support for his new rapture date of October 21…and all of the revised dates after that!

  7. John

    Think of how troubling this is for me. Being a good sport on these things I spent all day Friday calling my evangelical friends and congratulating them, just to be embarrassed when they weren’t raptured while I was attending the Saturday evening Liturgy.

    And now to hear they’ve reset the date. I guess Camping has borrowed a page from the Jehovah’s Witnesses!

    I prefer to believe that the rapture actually did occur on Saturday, just no body made the cut. In fact, I did look up missing persons reports for 6 PM Saturday, and I think actually 2 people did make it. One was a born again 80 year old widow that went missing in Arizona, and another was a 35 year old Baptist hunter in West Virginia.

    Actually I was hoping Obama would be raptured, until I seriously considered Biden taking over.

    1. Martha

      John said…

      “I prefer to believe that the rapture actually did occur on Saturday, just no body made the cut.”


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