Sometimes, getting your own way isn’t a good thing

I can think of more than a few times in my own life when I pushed to get my own way in some situation or other. Sometimes, if it’s for a good and necessary cause, doing so can be legitimate. But sometimes, as you’ll see in this bizarre video, forcing things to get your way can be a really bad idea — especially when having just a little patience will get you what you want anyway. (Memo to self: Have patience.)


  1. Jared

    Is this real? Ouch!

  2. Martha

    Dear Patrick – not a good choice to include in your blog, considering the other items included where this one is found.

  3. Christie deSouza

    If the information that came out with this video originally is true, that man died. Those are the last moments of his life. A chilling lesson in patience. 🙁

  4. Carol

    Dear Mr. Madrid:
    With regard to Martha’s comments above, perhaps you can just make sure to uncheck “Show suggested videos when the video finishes” when you copy the embed code on Youtube to post to your blog. Then some nastiness won’t become a temptation or eyesore or whatever the issue may be. ….end of psa… Thank you.

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