Unpleasant product packaging

My lovely wife went shopping today and returned laden with our family’s next two weeks’ worth of victuals and delectables. This colorful package was among the items she very thoughtfully picked up, no doubt not having read the label closely. But I did. And I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. I don’t know if it properly qualifies as Engrish, or if it is just an example of crass hi-jinx from an oh-so-clever American package designer.

My advice: Keep your wits about you if you should ever venture over to World Table.



  1. Anthony S. Layne

    Ever notice that, when something like this comes up, all the men wince and bend at the waist slightly?

  2. kathy

    Gotta be a guy thing. I looked at that package and said, “Huh? What’s the big deal?”

  3. Sue from Buffalo

    Thanks, Anthony. I finally got it. LOL!!!

    And yeah. It’s a guy joke.

  4. Jim

    All it takes is one swift kick….OUCH!

  5. eko

    I noted the – “OW” factor, but then thought – nah, that can’t be it…as many products have such labeling, especially during Christmas…doesn’t everybody have some nut crunch candy then? 😉 But the color picture and what is really inside looks SO different. Definitely women vs men perspective. 🙂

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