Sperm donor admits: “I guess I was dumb. Maybe I’m being dumb now, I don’t know.”

Nah. There’s no “maybe” about it, boyo. You were dumb then (all 70 +/- times) and you obviously are still dumb now — extra-strength dumb, if you ask me. But I will give you credit for not being so dumb that you failed to disclose your dumbness to this nice lady who seems to have been thinking, at least until this freaky moment was captured on film, that you might be a worthy candidate for husbandhood. I applaud Your Dumbness for at least letting her know about this.

(Can you imagine Ozzie & Harriet having to deal with this?)



  1. Anthony S. Layne

    That’s just one of those times you wish Bill Engvall would step out of the shadows: “Here’s your sign.”

  2. RJ

    Genghis Khan would be proud…

  3. Paul Rimmer

    Why could his actions not have been a noble and selfless thing? He probably helped some families to have children. The fact that some decided to contact him in order to determine their biological ancestry is should have been anticipated. His lack of forethought is not very intelligent, but the choice to donate sperm I think can be an exceptionally thoughtful and caring act. That the woman he’s with does not consider this really shows what is often true in these sorts of things: both of them are not very smart.

    1. Etc

      LOL. Since when has spem donation been a generous and thoughtful act? If couple want children and are unable to have them they should stop thinking of just them selves and their “fairly land world with little sugar plums” and start living in the real world. There are thousands of children starving for attention and care- adopt one of them.

      1. Paul Rimmer

        Etc., your comment fits your name. There are many ways to grow a family. Some prefer sperm donation for the same reason that fertile couples would rather procreate than only adopt: the child will share some of the genetic information and so some of the ancestry of the parent. For many families, this is very important. Therefore, as you point out, adoption can also be a very loving option, in addition to sperm donation. As for the beginning of your message, I’m glad you keep your humor and inquisitiveness.

  4. Pam

    Interesting how the emphasis has shifted, from giving the gift of life to those who cannot conceive, to something more like “ew”.

    It’s also interesting that the woman in the video seemed horrified that he actually *knew* some of these descendants of his.

    Almost as if the Church’s teaching on marriage and related issues was right all along.

  5. Sharon Zito

    hmmm….and if all of those ( known )children needed a little child support from good old dad, he might wish he’d have thunk more about his action to begin with…. children have a right to know, be known by and loved by a mom and dad.

  6. Brenda

    I’m impressed with her exteme patience and self-control, if I were in that conversation he would be alone by now.

  7. JeffL

    Reminds me of the Beavis & Butthead episode when those bozos visited the sperm bank and made a donation.
    He’s not any smarter.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Right know my company is checking why our health insurance plan shows a very large average number of dependents, quite above the numbers in other companies. Is it possible that we have some employees like this one?

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