In North Korea, Tears for fear

I’m pretty sure that some, perhaps even many, of these poor, battered, starving North Koreans are only “weeping” because Big Brother is keeping careful track of who does and who doesn’t. Sure, some of them have no doubt been brainwashed to believe the Big Lie, but not all. Now that Dear Leader has died and gone on to his eternal reward, I hope North Korea can somehow rid itself of the atheist Communist cancer that has subjugated it for so long. Maybe a lot of them aren’t cyring for Kim Jong Il, but for themselves, as they reflect with fear and despair on their horribly bleak predicament.


  1. Veronica

    Looks like a sparse group. I guess they couldn’t get more to fake their sorrow for the camera.

  2. Steve C

    His son will be worse

  3. Ana

    Watching these images from an Eastern European country, I am very sad: when it will finish this nightmare in North Korea? It is a miracle that there are still people surviving the starvation, the indoctrination and the spiritual vacuum. After all, these people have being also created in the image and likeness of God. Please God, help them to regain their dignity.

  4. pjdjmj

    I have watched several news reports re Dear Leader’s death. There are many NKorean people “mourning” but no tears.

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