As the new year starts, Father John Corapi vanishes off the radar screen

This is noteworthy: Father John Corapi’s Internet presence at sites such as the and has vanished, ditto for his presence on YouTube and Facebook. No one I know has any clue what happened to him, but there are several possible scenarios that would explain this. The one I hope is correct is that he has reconciled with the S.O.L.T. order he once was a member of and, more importantly, that he has reconciled with the Catholic Church, from which it certainly seemed he was distancing himself in the wake of all the unpleasantness that erupted last year.

In any case, his abrupt disappearance from the Internet serves as good reminder that we should all continue praying for him, whatever path he may be on. May God bless Father Corapi and may He bless us all.


  1. Lorraine

    I still miss Fr. Corapi’s presence and preaching. He had already been to hell once in his life and I do not believe he would have been stupid enough to go back. I still believe in his innocence until proved otherwise. Since he was ordained by our beloved John Paul, I ask for St. John Paul the Great to intercede for him every day when I say my daily prayer for priests. We need him to come back. This man is responsible for the return of so many lapsed Catholics. That has got to count for something. Praying for his return.

    1. rhonda

      I miss him too and keep praying he comes back to us all soon.

  2. edward plunkett

    HI john corapi i was thinking of you today and what you know doing since you left your TV show i fill closeness to you because we both a serious a problem with alcohol and drugs because i had a same problem in late 60s i know you mention on t in skid row before you found way out from your also lost everything in your eddiction like i did especially the fact my wife devorse me took my 6 children which i never get back i try alcoholics anonymous in 3 years with the best i can was clean and sober in 6 weeks eventually i give on AA could i cant stood to come back in aa again,i was loosing job going to jail going to mental hospital and i attempt suicide in 1968 it was miracle someone who save me in overdose like you i was successful before alcohol and drugs i was successful as a CPA AND WORK FOR KPMG AND I WAS SUCCESSFUL WITH THEM in 6 years i got my first executive jod in 1965 as controller for national railroad everything was going well until the end war protest starting in new york and that event trigger my Post traumatic stress and that was my drinking and drugging comments,i didn’t know that i have a Post traumatic stress which i encured in 1952 and i lost my left hand from injury while I’m active duty during Korean war.last 44 years i been sober years and my career blossom again and when retired in 1998 i was executive vice pres and chief financial officer and in billion dollar bank in Nevada.i hope in your new life that the demons with alcohol and drugs have not entered in your wife.i watching your show i convince your very talented men and i hope your enjoying you life in your new circumstances.if you have a time i would like to hear from you in how your life going.happy holiday and have a good new year…..

  3. MD

    With tomorrow being the feast of Divine Mercy, let us continue
    to pray for Fr. Corapi. God Bless you Father Corapi.


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