Fr. Robert Barron named new rector and president of Chicago’s Mundelein Seminary

This is welcome and not entirely unexpected news, given Father Barron’s meteoric ascendancy in the Catholic media world, especially on the strength of his impressive tour-de-force video series “Catholicism” and accompanying book. With a doctorate in sacred theology from the Institut Catholique de Paris, a slew of scholarly yet accessible books on the Catholic Faith, and 20 years of experience as a professor of theology at Chicago’s Mundelein (University of Our Lady of the Lake) Seminary, he is well suited to take the helm at this prestigious school. One may forgiven for wondering if his star will continue to rise, transiting, perhaps, into the episcopal firmament. God knows we need many more effective, indefatigable, and doctrinally orthodox  teachers of the Faith. As far as I am concerned, when it comes to Father Barron, ad astra!


    1. Pam Bultmann

      What a welcoming news. Being from the Chicago area, I have hoped for years that Mundelein Seminary would receive a spiritual uplift. May God guide and His Mother, Mary, keep you under Her mantle.AMDG

  1. Thomas D.

    He looks a lot like your son!

  2. Baron Korf

    Cool. I like most of his stuff; however, his berating St Bernard of Clairvaux over the Crusades in his Catholicism series made me shake my head.

  3. Steve Baker

    Congratulations to Fr. Barron on his new position. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and I wish him continued success in his ministry. I’m delighted to see God’s work in Fr. Barron’s efforts to bring others to the one true faith through his thoughtful insight and first rate communication skills. Best of luck to you Fr. Barron and may God continue to bless you and the Church through your wonderful work.

  4. Kevin Donovan

    Great news indeed! Blessings to Father Barron and please check out his youtube videos on the faith.

  5. Tom R.

    At the USCCB meeting, Bishop Wester (head of the Communications Committee) floated the idea of a spokesman for the USCCB to respond immediately to critical issues on behalf of the USCCB. Father Barron would be a great choice. Media savvy. Comfortable in front of a camera and can think on his feet. He’d be a great choice.

  6. jmf

    Congratulations to the new rector!

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