My Radio Interview with Charlie Johnston


Over the last couple of months, more or less out of the blue, many people began contacting me to ask what I think of a gentleman named Charlie Johnston, a Catholic who’s made some startling predictions about dire events in the near future. Is he authentic? they asked. What do you think of his predictions? etc. Some express skepticism, some seem gripped by fear and anxiety, and still others seem calm and convinced.

A few days ago, I was able to spend about half an hour on my radio show chatting with Charlie. He strikes me as down to earth, low-key, congenial, credible, and sincere. As you’ll hear in our on-air discussion (see link below), he says he has received countless instructions and warnings about the future from a holy angel.

I’ve only recently become aware of Charlie and his message, and though I’ve read several of his blog posts and watched a video of an informal presentation he gave recently to a small group of Catholics in which he elaborates on his predictions, but I haven’t met him in person and, therefore,  can only draw conclusions from what I’ve read and heard thus far. This is why I asked him to discuss things further on my radio show. I wanted to know more and, to the extent possible, see more clearly into his message of a coming global “storm” of strife and upheaval with which God will chastise and purify mankind.

I’ll be candid. Whenever someone pops up claiming to be a “seer” or to have “visions” or receive “locutions,” my default reaction has always been (and remains) one of firm skepticism. Self-proclaimed seers and loctutionists abound, and my practice has been simply to pay them no attention. There have been countless false prophets (see Matthew 24:24), but there are also authentic prophets, which is why I also believe that careful, prayerful discernment is always required whenever the possibility arises that a given message may be authentic.

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are of God; for many false prophets have gone out into the world. (1 John 4:1)

If someone indeed is blessed by God with supernatural interventions, that fact will become evident in due time in his/her life and in the messages themselves, just as a false prophet will be found out in due time for the same reasons (see Deuteronomy 18:20-22). More importantly, the truth will eventually become evident through the Spirit-guided discernment of Holy Mother Church.

As the Rabbi Gamaliel declared of the nascent Catholic Church in the book of Acts 5:38-39:

[I]f this plan or this undertaking is of men, it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them. You might even be found opposing God!

In Charlie Johnston’s case, I remain open and willing to hear more. Only God knows. I do not trust in my own meager powers of discernment.

So, anyway, here’s my interview with Charlie.


  1. Kent

    Good for you Patrick. I find that Charlie, Mark Mallett, and Janet Clausen (Pelianito) go really well together.

  2. Dorothy

    God bless Charlie !
    I am thankful for finding his website !

    He is humble, loving men of God !
    His message is simple acknowledge God , do the next right thing in front of

    you and be the sign of hope for others. Pray before reading more … God will lead you and help you discern …
    We are facing some very terrible times but God will send us rescue this is what Charlie is saying.
    Thankful for him …

  3. Gina

    Our family personally met and heard Charlie give a presentation on 8/28/15. I was SO happy to hear him on your show! Thank you for the interview and know that you did a great service to all Immaculate Heart Radio listeners by being open and talking with Charlie and getting the message out to 1) Acknowledge God 2) Take the Next Right step and 3) be a sign of hope to others!

  4. Jan Brennan

    My name is Jan Brennan. I was blessed by God and honored to be a host to organize the event where Charlie came to our town to visit old friends. I knew about it 3 months in advance and I ignored that God was calling me to organize this event, I thought Charlie was on vacation and wouldn’t want to take time out to speak. By early Sept, God let me know that HE wanted me to organize the event, find a place for Charlie to speak, and it all fell into place within 24 hours! It was totally a God thing, as I could not have done this on my own. I prayed for a sign that this man was from God and spoke the truth. I received my sign immediately, yes, me of little faith, but Jesus wanted him here and wanted me to learn obedience and to trust Him completely that He had this, and all I had to do was say yes! I thank God for this opportunity to meet Charlie and host the event in Illinois. It was a blessing and what Charlie shares with us is a gift from our God. I don’t public speak, and when I lead that rosary in front of the crowd on the microphone, and did the welcome and the introduction, a complete peace came over me, complete! Charlie is a true Christian man of God, and you can say that is my opinion, but I never lie. Last week he was with Mr & Mrs Mark Mallett and Katie Cleveland in Louisiana, what a blessing to those folks that was! Wish I could have been there! Thanks for the radio interview Patrick, awesome stuff, please visit Charlie’s website it is worth it! Take the Next Right Step, acknowledge God and be a sign of hope for others!

  5. Kathy

    I am grateful that you had Charlie on your radio show as I had never heard of him before. I will admit I found his message troubling and I think it is because I don’t want to see my children and grandchildren going through the worst times since Noah’s flood (if I remember correctly on how he put that) and all within the next year or two. I’m not sure how to process what he says, but he seems authentic and yet so many people have come out and had predictions that do not end up being accurate especially when they mention time frames like Charlie saying the Rescue will come toward the end of 2017 and things like that. I guess the way he is receiving his messages is also a bit suspect to me as it is different from approved apparitions or messages that I’m aware of, i.e. being trained all of his life by his angel, etc., to give these messages to the world… I am open to God acting in new ways also but I don’t know if what he says is true or not. I think we all need to pray that God will show us what he wants us to know and what we need to do in our lives and depend mostly on the Holy Spirit inside of us rather than the Holy Spirit (or angels) of other people (but again what do I know)? I do know that in the past I have gone somewhat astray following what others have said is the Holy Spirit, kind of like following the Holy Spirit in other people, rather than prayerfully trying to follow the Holy Spirit within me.

  6. Joseph Johnson

    I have spent some time reading about Charlie Johnston and watching a few of the videos that are available online. I have taken a “wait and see” approach to his message. At the same time, a number of mystics have warned of a upcoming “purification” or “warning”, so I think that along with trying to be spiritually prepared, I also think that it is a good idea to make some reasonable material preparations (storing some food, necessary medicines etc).

    I will also say that while Charlie Johnston’s blog is full of info and commentary, I found that a good summary and overview for newcomers to his message would be this article which I found to be pretty balanced and neutral:

    Just my two cents. And thanks Patrick for this interview with Mr. Johnston.
    Joseph Johnson

  7. Melba Pourteau

    I saw Charlie speak in Katy, Texas recently. Your interview held another prism up to his presentation, both because of the format and time constraints and because of his past professional broadcast work. In my opinion, Gpd is already opening hearts to God’s grace through Charlie. I have no other explanation for the peace and trust in God that’s emerging in my own little life. I’m severing longtime relationships with Planned Parenthood supporter financial institutions left and right (with all usual attendant hassles) – just taking the next right step!

  8. Cathy

    Hi Patrick,

    Charlie was recommended to me a month ago,by a friend to look at his presentations.
    I appreciate what he shares due the reinforcement that we aren’t nor will we be left alone.Great
    Message of Hope and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  9. Mark Silverbird

    Did Mr. Johnston wait for Catholic Papal approval before delivering his messages to the world, or is Mr. Johnston moving on his own without Our Holy Father’s full approval?

    Many priests, bishops, cardinals are believing that they are the approval of the Catholic church, but in fact approval comes from the Holy Father “The Pope”.

    Mystical inspirations are a dime a dozen today. It is the one who holds off, and realizes that the evil one can perform unholy miracles to deceive the one receiving mystical inspirations.

    Once a person becomes a loaded spiritual gun blurting off that what he is receiving is coming from GOD without full approval from the Pope’s Magisterium, what can be said accept that, “If one is sincerely for Jesus, who can be against that person?” Jesus’ Father’s Divine Will is all that matters!!! Every soul gained for Jesus is a soul found for His Father to bring into heaven.

    GOD bless you

  10. Dean

    I was freaked out about this but…looking further found this on Women of Grace website.”In his book, A Still Small Voice, Fr. Benedict Groeschel lists five reasons why even authentic revelations given to the most saintly seers are likely to contain errors: 1) faulty interpretation; 2) tendency to use a revelation to write history rather than use it symbolically; 3) tendency of visionary to mix subjective expectations and preconceived ideas with the action of grace; 4) a tendency to alter or amplify a message after the fact; 5) errors made in good faith by those who recorded the testimony (pg. 51).

    In other words, even if Johnston is legit, he’s likely getting at least some of it wrong, so don’t make any decisions based on his prophecies without first discussing this with a spiritual director or confessor.”

  11. Jim Mackee

    Simply put…he’s a fake.

    1. He’s made claims over the past few years and keeps tweaking them.
    2. If you read his constant ramblings he posts with a conservative mindset. He never blames any republican president for our nation’s ills. But he would blame Carter and Obama.
    3. He moderated his blog and disallows massive amounts of comments left by readers that can blow holes in what he’s rambling about or questions that he can’t answer.
    4. Lastly he uses a con tactic where he claims to trust God and gives you into on his fake visions. When you ask him about them he tells you you’re acting crazy and to trust God.

    Lastly don’t visit this guy anymore. Spend your time praying or doing something Christ would want you to be doing.

    1. Patti Armstrong

      Jim, I agree completely. People should look elsewhere. There are so many Church approved visions and writings from the Church. I’ve gone to his site and am amazed at the amount of ramblings. I came across a lot of arrogance and put downs of others. He seems to be the hero of all his stories about himself. For the record, the Archdiocese of Denver has been investigating him and will soon release a preliminary report.

  12. Alfred

    I have to say, I’m less than impressed with Johnston. He claims not to want to be involved in partisan politics but his writings–which do ramble quite a bit–don’t back up that position. In his most recent blog entry dated March 17, 2016, he goes after the “progressive left” which is generally code for Democrats and liberals.

    I wonder too why he doesn’t refer more often to official Church documents on various issues. He entangles himself in all sorts of free-ranging opinions without referring to perfectly orthodox and well-written Church pronouncements.

  13. Alfred

    I”m also a bit perplexed about the prediction that President Obama will not serve out his term. Anything can happen of course–a sudden fatal health issue, a scandal so serious he would resign, or God forbid, an assassination. The latter possibility is what bothers me. A prediction like that from a person who has gathered a devoted following could become motive for an unbalanced individual to decide that a message from God has directed him or her to carryout such an imagined “order.” It would become a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. God forbid.

  14. Alfred Chavez

    As time goes by, I think it’s prudent to consider that we are dealing with a false prophet in Charlie Johnston. While never denying God’s ability to turn things on a dime (recall the speed with which the Iron Curtain came down), we must nevertheless read the signs here. Charlie consistently takes sides politically with the right—a sign of bias that runs counter to the Church’s studied position of non-partisanship. That’s his right of course, but to mix his religious message about the “Storm” with his own political slant raises a red flag. There are problems with both the left and the right for a believing Catholic. Neither fully meets the standards that we as Catholics are committed to follow. That Charlie consistently supports right-wing causes is troubling. Even within the Church he has lately cast doubt on Pope Francis’s latest Exhortation, joining forces with those who say it invites distortion of the truth. Et tu, Charlie?

  15. Chris


    Do you have any recent information on Charlie Johnston? I saw he was in Santa Monica speaking at a Catholic Church. The Daughters of St. Paul in Culver City also had him talk. (LA area) I thought he wasn’t supposed to talk at Catholic churches any more.

  16. Eileen

    If you follow the messages of Our Lady, at Fatima and Garabandal, you cannot go astray. Charlie Johnston is a mortal man, and he can be fallible.

    1. Jack Gallagher

      Charlie certainly proved fallible today, only he describes it has having happened to be merely wrong on a “particular.”

      But of course, this wasn’t just a “particular.” This was supposed to be a “sign from God” to fortify the faithful that Charlie’s predicted Marian “rescue” would occur later this year, despite a worldwide “crash” still predicted as yet to occur in the interim. Here’s what Mr. Johnston said earlier in 2016:

      –begin quoted text–
      “If, next January, Barack Obama peacefully hands over the reins of power to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, I will declare myself unreliable and go away. But it will not happen that way, for God has appointed that this be a sign to you to fortify you to trust Him and choose the ordinary way to follow Him through the most frightening year for the globe in history. I have told you true.”
      –end quoted text–

      Patrick, you helped legitimize this person in the eyes (and especially ears) of many. Hopefully Charlie will fulfill his promise to go silent. You however, should not longer be silent about this on your radio show.



      1. Patrick Madrid

        That’s correct. Charlie’s claims have been definitively proven false, and I presume he’ll do exactly as he promised to do if his predictions didn’t pan out: cease making predictions and “go away” (his words). Discussing this on my show has been on my list for some time and had to wait, for obvious reasons, for today’s events to transpire.

      2. John O

        Charlie should go away as he promised, most especially to allow his followers to work through the grieving process (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance). Unfortunately, once false seers attract a large following, the attendant palace guard, courtiers and adulation, they are loathe to surrender what they now treasure. It is far more important for people who invested ( or misused) significant time in Charlie to promptly tune him out and get about their lives. Figures like Charlie are in competition with Tarrot Card readers and village psychics for the attention of those who are obsessed with knowing the future. We would be well-advised to avoid all such with equal fear and trembling.

      3. Jack Gallagher

        Hello Patrick,

        By now you have heard that CJ is back to blogging and has not limited that blogging to “fictional stories about the Rosary” as he had promised. He is back to full fledged relating of “locutions” mode. He still says “rescue” will occur before year end with a visible Marian vision to be witnessed by all. So he didn’t attempt to move the goal posts on that. He did however, go to great pains to move the goal posts on the “five fundamentals” of his so-called “storm” prophecy, which are now supposed to get “worse” rather than better “post-rescue.”

        Is there no way that an influential radio show host such as you can’t get an interview with the Archbishop of Denver to ask him why he still chooses not to put a stop to this? CJ himself has pledged he will obey any legitimate Church authority. We would all love to tune in to an interview between you and the Archbishop shortly after the first of the year 2018. Less than 14 days remaining for this “locution” to be proven false.

      4. Bex

        Ahhh, no surprise. The foretold rescue prophecy also failed. Very sad stuff. I’m more sorry for those of us who are vulnerable and possibly suffering in a way that causes one to cling onto any hope of a reprieve. Those strong and rooted in their faith will be fine. Those who are weakened for whatever reason may feel as if they’ve had the rug pulled out from under them. Still, Charlie will be just fine. He’s got his devoted fan base that continue to rally around him, support him, and excuse his every failed prophecy. I don’t see him disappearing any time soon.

  17. Jack Carter MD

    Why is it that Holy Scripture and the Catechism are not enough for so many people. We want to know more than what God has chosen to let us know. “The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law.” Deuteronomy 29:29. I find most people who follow private revelations know virtually nothing of the Bible, yet the Church tells us for 1700 years that this is the definitive Word of God to which nothing can be added! Study your Bibles! Study the Catechism of the Catholic Church !!

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